30 Technologies in 30 Days



Inspired by Shrikant and this post, I'm going to be taking on the challenge of learning 30 different technologies/libraries over the next 30 days.

My focus is going to be front-end web development, so a lot of this is going to be Javascript. I'm going to start off with Javascript frameworks, and over the next 30 days go through popular libraries, pre/postprocessors, testing/automation frameworks, and have a look at mobile frameworks like Phonegap and Ionic. The plan is probably gonna change as I go through it, so I might do some backend stuff near the end as well.

The aim is to get a breadth-first overview of the really popular front-end technologies in use. I'm going to spend a couple hours learning the tool and building something, and I will keep this space updated with what I do.


  • It's not 30 tutorials in 30 days: I have to actually build something small each day.
  • The projects, not the blog posts, are the point of this exercise. The blog posts will just a braindump of thoughts and links I used.
  • Each project will be up on Github with links here.


Day 1 - jQuery

Day 2 - Underscore.js

Day 3 - CSS animations