Day 2: Underscore.js

On Day 2, I tackle Underscore.js.

Underscore is an awesome library that gives functional methods to use on data. I haven't done any actual functional programming, other than using things like lambda functions or list comprehensions in C# and Python. So it took a while to wrap my head around thinking using these functional constructs rather than iteration.

I definitely want to revisit underscore again, because I didn't get around to playing with a lot of the functions under the "Utility" and "Functions" section of the docs.

I took the JSON data for this exercise from an Angular example project. The functions I got around to exploring are:

  • each
  • map
  • reduce
  • filter
  • chain
  • underscore templates

I also had to figure out how to deal with multiple asynchronous requests using jQuery, because I was using the phones object before all of the JSON files were done loading. I learnt about jQuery's when and Javascript's apply.

Have a look at the source code on Github.


  • Underscore introduction -
  • JSON data -